The first phase of our integrated production is the extrusion line. We conduct the extrusion of 3, 5, 9-ply and multi-layer barrier films according to our customers' exact material specification requests. HDPE, MDO PE, LDPE, PEEVOHPE, PAPE, PEPAPE, Cast Extrusion, Blown Extrusion and Stretch films can be produced in this line.

In the extrusion process, customized demands are met by adding anti-static, colored masterbatches, slip additives, antifog, antioxidants and stabilizers according to the features needed in line with the demands of our customers.


Our repro team, which is specialized in the field of flexible packaging, processes the designs received from our customers in accordance with the Flexo Printing technique and makes them ready for cliché production. If needed, we meet the design arrangement and new design development demands coming from our customers and contribute to the acceleration and finalization of the process.


Flexo Printing phase is another area of expertise of Artsan. Behind this expertise lies 30 years of experience, R&D investments and a skilled labour. We increase the competitiveness of our customers by producing high-quality printing on our state-of-the-art flexo printing machines with a width of 200 cm and the ability to print up to 10 colours.


The lamination phase is a significant step in the production of flexible packaging, which is applied to add plus value to the packaging. It serves many purposes such as increasing product life, increasing packaging efficiency, creating a protective layer by providing a barrier feature to the packaging, and increasing strength. We are able to attain superior packaging performances that many sectors need, with the combinations of BOPP+CPP, PE+PE, BOPP+BOPP, PET+PE, BOPP+PE, PE+BOPP PE+CPP, Pearlized in our facility, which has the competence of solvent and solvent-free lamination.


Following the extrusion and flexo printing processes, the slicing phase is started towards the final product. We can fulfill different demands in this field with our technological superiority that allows slicing a wide range of products from 300 mm to 1450 mm in size.


Another definition of converting and bag production is the garment phase in which films are treated after printing. Here, different types of bags such as carrying bags (soft handled, reinforced, hand snap-on, etc.), perforated bags, bulk bags, pallet cover, wicket bags (chicken bags, bread bags, etc.), athlete bags, drawstring garbage bags (roll, interleave, etc.) are produced.



In our logistics center equipped with big data communication and IOT applications, our products are stored in pallets on classified shelves and shipped to our customers after final quality control. The principle of fast deadlines is achieved through operational efficiency and digital transformation at every stage of production.


We see sustainability not as a norm but as a philosophy of production and life. Re-evaluation is at the heart of this philosophy. We classify and separate reusable wastes in our facility. Our Ecoriver company, which is part of our Sanat Group and has a recycling license, creates value by operating only in this field. In our facility, where 1500 tons of plastic is recycled and recycled into the economy every month, at least 80% is from consumer recycling (PCR),

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